Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Remembrance From a Neighborhood Kid

Edgemoor is full of many talented, accomplished and, most important of all, kind children. We have a 5 foot banner filled with beautiful and caring sentiments that the Edgemoor and surrounding neighborhood kids made for my children. (Thanks Carrie.) Jack Barker is one of these amazing kids and I have often told his mom through the years: "I just love Jack--he's such a great kid." And he is. Jack wrote a book of poetry, as all 5th graders at Bethesda Elementary do as their end of the year project, and dedicated it to Thai. Here is his dedication and poem which speaks to questions we all ask.

Dedicated to Thai McGreivy, who saved many lives before he couldn't save his own.

In Remembrance of

Why did he have to go?

Why couldn't he say "hi" to me another day?

Why couldn't he walk Sasha one more day?

Why couldn't he be with James, Luke, Kyle and Nick another day?

Why couldn't he speed down the street driving his blue car with the "Berkeley" license plate again?

Why didn't he just come home from the hospital fine and healthy?

Why did this have to happen to him, James's father?

Why couldn't he have stayed, why did he have to depart from all of us?

I'll always remember you.

I'm praying for you Thai.

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